In the Caribbean of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic part 1

It’s October 30, 2013 and I rush to the John F. Kennedy International Airport. I arrive at the departure gate with less than 30 minutes before the plane is scheduled to departure (the pressure is on). I meet with the an flight assistant and she jumps to action. Drained from an intense day of work, I take a deep breath and we both take off.

The assistant and I run and she allows me to skip the entire of people at the security gate. She gives me clearance and I suddenly hear the final boarding call for the flight. She yells, “rover”, and I catch the airport shuttle. We speed to reach the terminal gate ( like an Afro-Latino Speed Racer). I arrive at the last minute and barely catch the flight. I find my seat and I review my first publication.

As I prepare to travel to el Aeropuerto Internacional de las Américas (the airport of the Americas), I realize that I manifested my goals into reality. These are the moments that all the stress, frustration and dedication pays off. I fall asleep with my headphones jamming Brazilian hip hop.

Photo courtesy of Google


Hours later I arrive in el Aeropuerto Internacional de las Américas in Santo Domingo at 12:30 am excited and ready to release my first publication. I convert my dollars to Dominican pesos and I catch a taxi to La Zona Colonial. We cruise through the highway and I am engulfed in the Caribbean city that reminds me a lot of Tocumen, Panama. I arrive at the El Beaterio Hotel at Numero 8, Calle Duarte and my body tingles with excitement (and fatigue) as I am in still in disbelief that I have arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Flag
Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco

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