Nature photo challenge 4: el paso



This photo was taken by my good friend and bussiness partner, Pat. We started the company mmp productions. The photo was taken in El Paso, Texas. This photo shows the beauty of the southwest. I have been to El Paso but never got the chance to appreciate it’s beauty. Here is the post:Teaching English in Monterrey, crossing the usa/mexican border.

The rule for 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge is simple. Just post your favorite nature photo and nominate another blogger every day, for 7 days. I was nominated by becomingdeutsch.

For my Day 4 of this 7-Day Series, I nominate Singledust. She is a fellow travel blogger. She has many interesting posts about her experiences overseas. Check out her blog, it is worth the read.


15 thoughts on “Nature photo challenge 4: el paso

  1. I love El Paso. Guess that’s why I’ve lived here in El Paso for the past 35 years. And, yes, there’s LOTS to photograph around here. I’ve probably done a dozen or more blogs on just El Paso, and dozens more on nearby sights.

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