Barbados on a Budget


(Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)

  Ever dreamed of that getaway trip to the care-free Island of the Caribbean? Of course you have! Now more than ever that dream trip is attainable and more affordable than you would think. I recently took a trip to St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados and you can too! One of the inexpensive times to go to the Caribbean is during the month of October. Countries such as Barbados are not affected by recent hurricanes and receive less tourism compared to top Caribbean destinations.  Once you arrive at the award winning airport, the first thing you will see is Rihanna (I’m not complaining). I advise you to have your country’s currency converted into Bajan dollars at the Grantley Adams International Airport once arriving because using foreign currency will be more costly.


(Arrival at Grantley Adams International Airport; Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)

            My family and I checked into the 3-star hotel called Dover Beach Hotel for the cost of $566.01 for the duration of 7 days (That is just $80.85 a day!).The hotel includes a bar, a pool, a gift-shop, and a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The room also includes a kitchen with a stove, microwave, a refrigerator,and a balcony overlooking the beach. They even give you your first alcoholic drink for free as complimentary (Who is going to turn down free drinks?).


(Balcony view from hotel room; Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)

This hotel is a hidden-gem for various reasons. First, the hotel is located on Dover Beach so the beach is literally steps away form your room. Secondly, the hotel is located in the St. Lawrence Gap aka The Gap. The Gap is a 1.3 km stretch in the Christ Church parish that has bars, restaurants, gift-shops, hotels, beaches, and even carnival events. My favorite place was Pronto Bar because of the cheap prices on both food and drinks. I recommend the fishcakes and the pina coladas. 860

(St. Lawrence Gap; Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)


(Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)


(Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)

Thirdly, the area has very good public transportation with buses, taxi-vans, shuttles, and private taxis.  I took the bus for only 2 Bajan dollars (cheap is always good!). We took a 2 dollar mini-van to Oistins to the Supermarket. A tip for keeping cost low on food is to buy from the supermarket and prepare your own food. Oistins also has a fish market with fresh fish from the sea. Buying fish from this market was a lot cheaper than fine dining at the local restaurants. At this same market, every Friday and Saturday, there is a huge fish fry with people drinking, dancing and partying. It was so much fun that I had to stay stay away from the rum punch the next day. 235

(Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)

  The party never stops in Barbados. While adventuring on the Gap, we ran into a small carnival. There was high-energy, dancing, free rum- punch (you will encounter this a lot in Barbados!), and loving Bajans. Make that dream trip to the Caribbean as it is more affordable than you may think!


(Carnival in St. Lawrence Gap; Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco)

8 thoughts on “Barbados on a Budget

    1. I really enjoyed every single minute here in Barbados with my family 😍🇧🇧 it was one of my best and favorite birthdays ever. It’s definitely very children friendly. We met some great people and still remain in contact with them. I love Barbados! The hotel we stayed in which is mentioned in the article is awesome and very tentive. They made our upstairs room safe for our One year old at the time to just hang out without being worried about her trying to sneak out through the rails. They even cut down some coconuts from the trees and offered us free and fresh coconut water 😍🥥 great memories 💚💯🙏 I can’t wait to return.

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      1. Sounds lovely, and top class service too! I’d like to try different hotels around Dover Beach – much nicer than the more expensive west side of the island from what I saw 💛🔆


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