My last day in the land of reggae

My time in Jamaica was coming to an end. My friends left to go back home and I was there alone. In the land of beautiful smiles and joyful people.

I decided to walk around and I found the emancipation park. This park was made in memory to the end of slavery in Jamaica. The history and the importance of the park is shown in the local culture. This park is usually the center of many events.

The park had a nice and relax feeling to it. It was just super hot that day. I can’t tell you how much I was sweating. It wasn’t the best choice for me to wear pants. Learn from my mistakes people, wear shorts in Jamaica!

Just between you all and me, I really was fighting myself from not jumping into that pool of water. I knew that could spark an intentional incident.

My final advice when visiting Kingston, make sure to check out Devon’s house. There is a lot of historical importance tied to that house. It was once the home of Jamaica’s first black billionaire. Also, I’m sure you seen in it a few music videos or movies. On top of everything, there is a shop there that sells rum ice cream!!

Oh my days in Jamaica have came to an end. I really miss waking up to this view.

(All photos were taken by Hugo Morel)

Thanks for reading our post! Enjoy the rest of your day or night!

17 thoughts on “My last day in the land of reggae

      1. Haha thank you! It’s a museum. I went to the one in Kingston. There is another one in where he was born on the other side of the island. Thank you though 😃 anybody that has a cat I consider a friend. Especially if you travel with them 😁

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      2. Then we shall be friends for sure! This cat adopted me right after I put my jack Russel dog, Addy down and I was in no mood to live and raise another animal so soon after her death. Well, Callie insisted on making me her caretaker and walks on a leash, rides on a bike basket and rides on the dash if the RV. She is kick-ass and will attack any cat that comes near us. Dogs she adores. She is very entertaining. Keep up the good work and thanks for finding me.

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  1. I love your pictures and suggestions. I’d love to visit Kingston some day. I read about it briefly in Nicola Yoon’s YA Romance novel, The Sun Is Also A Star some weeks ago. I’d love to savor melting rum ice cream. it would be magnificent if I could get a picture of me seated on that porch leaning against one of those white pillars reading a book.

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