Welcome to Valladolid, Spain

Spain is a very interesting, diverse, and a very cultural country. It is believed that the origin of the Spanish language originated in the region of Castillo Y Leon and therefore Spanish is referred to Castillian or Castellano in Spanish to track its linguistic roots. I visited Spain while in Study Abroad and it was amazing. I attended the Universitas Castellae located in the small city of Valladolid. Here I studied Spanish Culture, Spanish literature, and Latin.

School of Universitas Castellae in Valldolid; Spain, Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

Everyday I would visit the center of the city known as Plaza Mayor. It is here that Christopher Columbus was buried on May 20, 1506. There is a statue in the middle of the Plaza Mayor commemorating Christopher Columbus.

Statue of Christopher Columbus in Plaza Mayor; Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

This is also the center of the nightlife in Valladolid. It was very safe and the Plaza Mayor area has restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges, and many hang out spots.

Plaza Mayor at night time in Valladolid, Spain; photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

Valladolid is  a hidden gem. The city still practices “siestas” in which businesses, schools, and the entire city closes down for people to get rest. This seemed ridiculous at first until Thursday and Friday comes around. After taking siestas, I felt so energized especially on Fridays (Party time!). After taking my first siesta on a Friday, I went to a club and it was amazing. I made a few recommendations I was allowed to DJ. I had everyone dancing to everything from Bachata to Hip hop music.

I definitely recommend visiting Valladolid as it not mention often in Spanish travel guides.

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