My First Cruise🚢 : The Grand Celebration Pt. 1

As a global traveler I have traveled on trains, planes, cars, subways, and even motorcycles as I flew to Orlando, Florida. However, I hit a new milestone embarking on my first cruise last month for my 3 year wedding anniversary. I flew to Florida to embark on the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line on a 10 floor cruise-ship called Grand Celebration which sailed out of Port of Palm Beach. I read tons of reviews and because the cruise-ship was budget friendly, there were many negative posts. So I had to do my own investigation. My conclusion was the very opposite of all these as a first time cruise-ship rider. We arrived at the gate early around 11:00 am. We had to use valet parking for the first time because it was the only parking at the Port of Palm Beach. It was sort of expensive at $19 a night. I wasn’t too upset though because I knew there was a buffet waiting on that boat. They had free lemonade and cookies waiting as we boarded (I had a about 4 cups and two big cookies). I booked a resort for one of the dining restaurants called Prime Stellar. However, before dinner occurred there was a lunch Buffett including fruits, eggs, waffles, vegetables, beef, chicken, brisket, etc.

Then outside there were burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, Bahama Rum, Piña colada, salad, etc being served. It was a foodie heaven and the cruise started off as a Grand Celebration!

Stay tuned for part 2!

20 thoughts on “My First Cruise🚢 : The Grand Celebration Pt. 1

  1. I also have never been on a cruise, as much as I love to travel! Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m still starting in this world of blogging, and it is kind of intimidating! Thanks for the support, I look forward to following more of your posts, looking forward to Part 2 of this!

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