Introducing Salamanca, Spain

As I explored the country of Spain, I ended up in Salamanca, Spain. Located 50 miles from the Portuguese border, this city is within the Castile and Leon region and is very beautiful. As I landed, I realized that this place was very familiar. It hit me! Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor area was featured in the feature film Vantage Point starring Denis Quaid, Matthew Fox, and Forest Whitaker. I took in the marvel of this beautiful sight based on Baroque style architect.

Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain; Photo courtesy of

The public square is open and I experienced kids doing Capoiera. Located in the plaza Mayor of Salamanca is the sculpture of Gran Elefantdret by Miquel Barceló whom is one of Spain’s most acclaimed artists still living. The sculpture translates Great  little Elephant and has been declared a Humankind Hertiage by UNESCO.

Gran Elefantdret by Miquel Barcelóer; Photo Courtesy of Tobius Mueller Modern Art

I ran to the McDonald’s for a restroom break and I realized it was much different than the ones in the United States. They actually serve beer! What was ever more impressive was that they had Duff Beer (for all the Simpsons fans out there). I definitely purchased that beer!

Photo Courtesy of

Salamanca is home to some beautiful cathedrals that displays beautiful architect. I had the chance to experience the Convento de San Esteban.

Convento de San Esteban; Photo Courtesy of MundoXDescubrir

This beautiful building is a Dominican monastery built in 1610. Historians have documented that Christopher Columbus stayed at this monastery during its construction.

Stay tuned as the Next stop is Segovia, Spain!

42 thoughts on “Introducing Salamanca, Spain

  1. If you are really into history, architecture, religion, and checking out landmarks, you can stay the night. I highly recommend staying in Madrid and going to Salamanca for a day trip by bus which is between 2-3 hours.


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