After eating and partying on the cruise, my family and I reached our destination at Freeport, Bahamas. I had to have gained 5 pounds on the cruise alone after all that eating. As we embarked off the cruise, time seemed to move very slow and the anticipation was building up.

Freeport Cruise Port; photo Courtesy of

As we went to the Bahamanian Customs and Immigration, I asked for stamps in our passports. The customs agent gave me a very suspicious look. Suddenly, he stated if I get the stamp, I wouldn’t be able to return back to the United States. He kept a serious look on his face until I got to the gate entrance. We all laughed (I was so relieved!).

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Bahamians are very friendly and have a good sense of humor. The cruise port was not anything spectacular but the excitement had my adrenaline running. There was a line to get on the shuttle bus to take us to Grand Bahama Island. Before we boarded the bus, the Bahamians let us in on a secret. They informed us that we didn’t have to pay the expensive price for the shuttle bus provided by the Cruise line. They explained that local taxis in Bahama cost about $10 dollars for a round trip ride. I took the tax driver’s card (we will return for another trip!) and we boarded the bus.

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The tour guide explained a lot about the Bahamas’ history and current economy. I had wondered how much did Hurricane Irma damaged the country. The guide explained that the Bahamas has recovered quickly. As we cruised through Freeport, the landscape told its own story.

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