Entrance to the Grand Bahama Island private beach; photo by Madelin Vasquez Polanco.

Upon arriving at Grand Bahama Island, I realized that I found paradise. It was a private beach with a bar. I spent $13.00 on my refillable cup while I was still on the cruise so I actually saved money by visiting the shops to purchase my alcohol (balling on a budget!). There were several umbrella covers and benches in the sand so I ran like I was Sonic the hedgehog to reserve one for my family. Little to my knowledge did I know, I would be racing around Grand Bahama Island later on. I saved a spot for us on the beach and rested for a few minutes. The sun was blazing hot so I advise anyone visiting the Bahamas to stay hydrated. The bar sold water bottles for $3.00 so it came out to about $12 dollars for 4 bottles (kind of expensive for me but I really had no choice).

Port Lucaya Lighthouse; Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

The water was so clear and so beautiful. I became mesmerized by the water. I was interrupted by a Bahamian and he offered my family and I a boat ride to a private island. We took a quick stroll to eat something to eat because the island was was empty without a single restaurant. The palm trees danced in the cool Caribbean breeze. At this moment, time was not a concept for me as I lost track of it. We received a recommendation for a Greek restaurant but we wanted to try some local Bahamian food. We headed to the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

Port Lucaya Marketplace; Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

It was a quick six-minute walk to the marketplace. There were people selling souvenirs, jewelry, and crafted art. I was rushing to eat so I politely thanked them and kept it moving. We found a local Bahamian restaurant with a nice & sweet woman inviting us to eat. We sat down and ordered because I was timing every minute in order to make it back for the boat trip. We sat down, ordered and waited patiently. All of sudden, a roach came out of nowhere and walked across the table. It didn’t bother me at all. However, my family acted like they saw a ghost. No one yelled nor screamed but we canceled our order and left without making a scene (that roach kept it moving it too). We hurried out and went to the Greek restaurant that was recommended to us.

Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

We finally ate and I was becoming impatient. I wasn’t happy to miss out on Bahamian food but like the saying goes: happy wife, happy life. We were pushing for time so I power-walked back to the beach. I felt like i was missing something but I was too focused on making it back in time to visit the private island. We made it back to the beach and I looked all over frantically for the boat tour operator. I found him and was shocked to find out that the boat was actually a canoe. My family was so upset and declined to go. I was so upset and frustrated. Then I noticed that my phone was missing.

Photo courtesy of

I automatically went into flight mode and ran back to the Port Lucaya Marketplace. I ran so fast that I couldn’t hear my wife call me from a distance. I gave myself a self-tour of Grand Bahama Island. I went back to the restaurant with the roach and my phone wasn’t there. I went to the Greek restaurant and asked the server but she was no help. Then I wondered if I dropped it on the floor and someone took it.  I started to panic and it seemed like everyone was using Iphones. I started looking at everyone very suspicious. I asked security guards and hotel staff. No one seen my phone. I was just about to cry when my wife came stumbling  with my phone. She explained that my phone was safe and secure in a secret pocket in my backpack. The level of relief could not be expressed in this post! I kissed my wife and went to play in the water like a 2 year old kid. We all laughed and even joked that I ran off all the weight that I gained on the cruise.


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bahamas Pt. 2

  1. When the husband retires next year we plan on doing some major traveling. The Bahamas are on the list…. but we have to have time to explore at leisure and won’t do cruises.
    That being said, a lost cell phone is my recurring nightmare when we travel. Glad the other half found yours!

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