The Awesome City of Austin

Austin, Texas is an up-and-coming city that is world-renowned. The diverse city is known as the next Brooklyn with Brooklynites (people from Brooklyn) moving there at a high rate. This city has it’s own copy written slogan: Keep Austin Weird.

With its unique personality, Austin has a character of its own. It is one of Texas’ most liberal cities. Try asking for a plastic bag and watch them charge you (25 cents for a bag or help the environment? Easy choice). With ethnic restaurant and epic scenery, Austin has something for everyone!

Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco

One of my first discoveries in Austin was a Puerto-Rican restaurant called Chago’s. Chago’s is a hidden gem located on 731 South Lamar Blvd. This is a haven for authentic Puerto-Rican and Caribbean food. I discovered this amazing restaurant while on a poetry tour back in 2014. It is now my go-to spot whenever I am in Austin. I highly recommend the “Bistec Encebollado” which is sautéed top round beef with caramelized onions served with rice and beans (just talking about it makes me want to take another trip very soon!). They also have dishes for alternative foodies such as the Paella Vegetariana which includes white rice cooked in coconut milk, with eggplant, chickpeas, black beans, peppers, onions, olives, ripe plantains chutney, and a side salad. Check out Chago’s next time you are in Austin and tell them that Tony sent you!

Oasis Tower at Lake Travis: Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

Austin also has suburban getaway areas for couples and spouses. Lake Travis is a popular tourist spot. Lake Travis is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River. The plaza has really upgraded to include gift shops, jewelry shops, specialty restaurants and things for the entire family. I really love the statues and sculptures there. I noticed that there were Halloween themed designs and the stores and restaurants were participating in trick or treat candy for children.

Photo Oct 21, 4 09 37 PM
Plaza Entrance at Lake Travis Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.
Photo Oct 21, 4 07 56 PM
Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.
Photo Oct 21, 4 08 09 PM
Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.
Photo Oct 21, 4 08 23 PM
Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.
Photo Oct 21, 3 58 39 PM
Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco
Photo Oct 21, 4 08 55 PM
The Oasis Entrance area; Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

To make that date-night more romantic, I highly recommend dining at the Oasis. The Oasis is a lakeside restaurant that serves Tex-Mex food and has an amazing view of Lake Travis. I remember the first time seeing it. It was truly breathtaking. Trust me, this view will set the mood right especially during the sunset.

View of Lake Travis from the 2nd floor of the Oasis; Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

There are many traditions associated with the restaurant. One main tradition is when couples visit, they leave a dated lock on the fence to signify a very special day like a wedding, engagement and anniversaries. Check it out and your loved one or significant other will definitely enjoy it.

Thank you for checking out the # Itinerary. We wish you safe and healthy travels on your next adventure!


26 thoughts on “The Awesome City of Austin

  1. Love seeing such a great post on the city I call home! According to 2018 US News and World Report “10 Best Places to Live” – Austin is tops the list at #1!! So I’d say it’s definitely more than up and coming. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Your tips and photos are intriguing – makes me want to visit Austin sometime. Thanks for stopping by to say ‘hi’ on my blog and for the invite to stop by yours! Happy Travels to you!


  3. Awesome! The Bistec Encebollado you mentioned sounds really delicious ~ I’m adding Austin to my list of places to travel to! I’m glad you found my blog and reached out for me to check out yours too – looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You need to visit Round Rock then its not far from Austin you’ll love downtown Round Rock glad to see Texas was up 😀 Had to see what you say about my home 😀 be safe


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