In Route to Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Norman Manley international Airport Arrivals. Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

On arrival to Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica, I was very excited to be in the West Indies. My family and I took a tour through the real streets of Kingston and our friend and guide, Kimar, quickly informed us about the places not to visit. We went through back streets and our guide mentioned that taxis and local drivers don’t even go through this route because they fear that something can happen.

DSC_0265 (3)
Backstreets of Kingston, Jamaica. Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

We drove throughout all of Kingston until we reached the countryside area.  I stopped to get some Jamaican apples. We got 6 apples for about 4 Jamaican dollars. I took pictures of the scenery and captured the the real Jamaica and not the hallmark postcards that only show white sand and blue waters. It was an epic way to start our journey!

Outskirts of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco

As we approached the northern tip of Jamaica, I became nervous due to the narrow and curving roads. There were children on the side of the streets and oncoming traffic coming from the opposite direction on a road that looked like it only had one lane (Shout out to Kimar for the superb driving!). It felt amazing to see the real Jamaica with the locals. You don’t see this side of Jamaica in the touristy travel videos!

DSC_0270 (2)
Town outside of Kingston, Jamaica. Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.
DSC_0269 (2)
Town outside of Kingston, Jamaica. Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

I honestly lost track of time as we explored the island. We passed through the area of Boston Bay when we spotted a jerk chicken restaurant (You know we had to stop for some some authentic Jamaican food!). The food was amazing! I noticed that Jamaica has a lot of signs to promote cleanliness (Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica mon!). Don’t worry, we didn’t litter.

DSC_0263 (3)
Boston Boy, Jamaica. Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

When we arrived in Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica, I saw a beautiful white castle secluded across the bay. I was so surprised to see such a luxurious mansion in the middle of the green lush and jungle area of Port Antonio. Kimar explained that the mansion is called Trident Castle. It is a very expensive rental space for video shoots, destination weddings, and upscale events often used by politicians, athletes, and high profile celebrities. It was built by Architect Earl Levy and was built between 1979 through the mid 1980’s. It is now owned by billionaire Michael Lee Chin and is considered to be worth 8 million dollars. Who would have thought you could find such a lavish castle in the middle of the hills of Port Antonio? As we reached closer to our villa, I wondered what was waiting to be discovered in Port Antonio.

DSC_0257 (2)
Trident Castle in Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica. Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

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