On the Hills of Port Antonio

I was engulfed in the loud, green and lively lush as the cool and calming breeze whispered a Caribbean symphony. As we arrived on the top of the hill, I felt so accomplished and ready for a new adventure. My mouth watered as the green landscape teased me with fresh fruits like mangoes, coconuts, and Jamaican apples. It felt amazing to be in the wilderness away from the city and noise. All I heard was the refreshing conversations of the trees and plants. We arrived at our destination at the San San Tropez Villa. The the scenery was beautiful. The villa was highly recommended on Tripadvisor and the price was a bargain ($72.23 a night with a 14 percent discount of $20.22 through Travelocity. Yeah boy!). The villa is Italian owned as the owner married a Jamaican and set up shop on the hills of Port Antonio. This was the ultimate vacation getaway for my family and I! the first thing my wife did was pick mangoes in the backyard area. The villa has a pool and an outside shower. We chose the room with private access to the pool (winning!).

San San Tropez Pool yard area; Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.

Another amazing part of this villa was its location. It is situated 5 minutes from Frenchmen Cove beach. We walked to the beach which also had a resort. There was a clear trail leading to the beach. It costs $10 for a day pass.

Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.
Pathway to Frenchmen Cove Beach. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.

As we walked, we met a Jamaican native named Mr. Carl who was selling souvenirs and jewelry. Mr. Carl is a humble and down-to-earth Jamaican who told us a lot about the area. He even showed us a glimpse of history. He informed us about one of the oldest preserved copper pot boilers used during the time of plantation slavery. We bought a few souvenirs and Mr. Carl gave us a free gift as well. I truly Miss Mr. Carl.

Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.
Mr. Carl and I. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.

Our first introduction to Frenchmen Cove Beach was like finding a lost treasure. It was the most beautiful beach that we’ve ever seen before. It is also referred to as Paradise. It truly is a paradise for sure! What is so distinct about this beach? It is a beach that meets with a river. Therefore, you have the option of enjoying the ocean and a small river. Although the beach is small compared to other Jamaican beaches, it is a hidden gem away from all the tourists. It was never crowded and I think we were the only Americans there.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you all enjoyed our latest travel story.

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