Keeping it Real on Titchfield Hill

After spending a few days on the most Northern part of Port Antonio, we ventured a bit  south into the Portland parish and ended up on Titchfield Hill. The name derives from the former Governor, Lord Portland, in which the parish is also named after. I felt as if I was on the top of the world as I prepared myself for another adventure in the rustic countryside of North Jamaica.

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Welcome Sign. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco. 

Titchfield hill is situated on the Titchfield Peninsula and is the oldest settlement of the town which separates the West and East Harbour. The Peninsula was once considered the most beautiful harbour in the world. Historians speculate that the Maroons were perhaps the first people to settle in Portland parish due to its uncomfortable climate and strategic positioning and often waged war with the English. It is now designated as a protected National Heritage. One of my favorite attributes about Titchfield is the amazing scenery as it overlooks the Caribbean sea.

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Aerial View of Titchfield Hill. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco,

We arrived at 9 Queen Street, the location of Ivanhoe’s Guesthouse, for a new adventure. This cozy guesthouse is the talk of the town. The owner, Mrs. Lorna Burke, is a local celebrity. The guesthouse is situated in the historical district of Port Antonio and has 9 rooms available for guests.  Although this is a cozy guesthouse be aware that it is not luxurious. Our room had no air conditioning. A small room with 2 adults and one toddler in the Jamaican heat is not the adventure I was looking for. We were sweating all throughout the night. However, this did not stop us from having a good time. We woke up every morning and journeyed to Frenchmen Cove. The views of Port Antonio also made up for the lack of air conditioning. The Guesthouse serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as Mrs. Burke cooks and prepares the meals with her special touch.

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The Entrance to Ivanhoe’s Guest House. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.

The landscape and infrastructure makes Titchfield Hill an adventurous area to explore. I was very fascinated by the historical district. It is an in-depth look into Port Antonio’s past. Streets bare monarchial titles on hills upon hills. Although, the vernacular architecture gives the town an old fashion look, the surrounding houses are actually fluent residents on King Street. King Street runs down the center of the Peninsula.  I joked that this area was designed for us as the streets were named after our majestic visitation (one can dream).

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In the Historical District of Titchfield Hill. Photo by Madelin Vasquez Polanco.
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In the Historical District of Titchfield Hill. Photo by Madelin Vasquez Polanco.
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One of the many Hills in Titchfield. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco

We randomly stumbled upon the beautiful St. Anthony’s Church (also known as the St. Anthony Shrine) which was built in 1901 in the only Catholic parish of Portland. It is one of the well maintained building in the Titchfield Peninsula.

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We went on a walking tour to search for food (gotta eat!). We ate breakfast, shopped at a local grocery store and grabbed lunch at a small restaurant. We passed the historical Titchfield High School and the Portland Parish Library when we discovered the Jamaica Breeze Restaurant. This was my favorite spot to eat in Titchfield. My wife ordered the Akee Fish and plantains. She still reminds me how amazing it was! We satisfied our cravings as the Caribbean breeze made the atmosphere so relaxing.

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The view from the Jamaica Breeze Restaurant. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.
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Ackee Fish and Plaintain dish at the Jamaica Breeze Restaurant. Photo Courtesy of Madelin Vasquez Polanco.

As I gazed across the Harbour from the Titchfield Hill, I fell into deep thought. I wondered what forgotten stories took place in this charming town that many tourists in Jamaica never get to experience. I sipped on my Ginger beer and became captivated by calming palm trees overlooking the peninsula.

Thank you for stopping by and joining our latest journey. Much love!

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