11 thoughts on “From the Bottom to New Heights

    1. It depends on who is getting the passport and how long the passport is good for. In the United States, you don’t get a passport when you’re born unless you apply for one. The cost can range from $115 to $145 depending on whether its a minor or adult applicant. There are several kinds of passports like a citizen passport and a diplomatic passport.

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  1. The budget and the passport are the two most important considerations when traveling, aside from choosing wisely your destinations. I’m mostly triangulating between Berlin, Barcelona and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with every two years a side step to Utila (Honduras) or Bangkok (my favorite departure point to travel Asia).

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  2. Agreed. My partner and I saved hard to travel for our time away and we have saved hard since returning. Our earnings since returning are not what the were beforehand, however we prioritise and save wisely to be able to enjoy the things we do, collecting stamps in our passports 🤣


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