In the community of Nuevo Viste Alegre 

We started the next day ready to explore outside of the center of Santiago de Cuba. Andy was real excited for us to meet his family on the Eastern side of Cuba. We took a truck to what seemed to be the middle of no where. As we drove over the bumps in the road, we all bounced around the truck bed. The farther away from the center of the city we journeyed, the more the harsh reality of Cuban life kicked in. 


We traveled about 35 minutes away to a small community called Nuevo Viste Alegre. This was a residential area surrounded by beautiful trees. The sounds of Cuban Reggaeton echoed throughout the streets. We were fully engulfed into the local Cuban Culture. 

The community of Nuevo Viste Alegre. Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.

We were welcomed by Andy’s aunt, cousin, uncle, and grandmother. There was no lack of warm hugs as we were shown so much love. We were also greeted by the loving community. Neighbors saluted us and joined us. Cataleya instantly made friends with the local kids. 

Photo Courtesy of Tony Polanco.
Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.
Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

Madelin talked to the kids and they followed each and every one of her words. Madelin explained the anatomy of a fish and even though they don’t completely understand, their enthusiasm shined through their precious smiles. The kids in Cuba are inquisitive and mesmerized with learning. 

Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.
Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

The entire community was having a good time. With nothing but music, good company, and a few Cuban beers, Nuevo Viste Alegre was like a home away from home. Although the community was poor, they offered the little that they had. Andy’s aunt prepared an amazingly delicious Cuban dish in which you could not pass up. We felt like family and as if Cuba was a place we were returning to even though it was our first time there. Everyone was chilling, especially this 200 pound pig that thought it was a dog. 

Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco.

I took a break to use the restroom. All of sudden, I heard Madelin scream as if she panicked. I finished using the restroom and I rush to Madelin. She became frantic as she noticed that our 2 year old was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere in the house while running around frantically. I rushed outside with worry weighing heavy on my chest

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23 thoughts on “In the community of Nuevo Viste Alegre 

  1. How great to get to experience real Cuban life.

    Reading your posts is like listening to old Radio shows as I have to wait until the next posts or a few after that as you leave us hanging 🙂 …and you often follow one country’s post with another country stuck in between 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing this I have never got a chance to explore Cuba. From reading your post I can feel how much fun you have there. And those cute little ones are too much adorable 😍


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