Hey, guys! This is a blog about my travel experiences. All stories are true. Letting people know more about the 🌎 through my eyes and inspiring others to travel is my major goal.Travel is much more than πŸ’°, it changes you. You will not be the same after your travels. There is much more to life than a 9 to 5. Life meant to be free and not enslaved by a J.O.B. I love you all. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Much πŸ’˜!!!
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  1. Love your positive attitude towards life and travel! The world is a great place to explore, and a great teacher. I enjoy your blog posts and look forward to reading more. πŸ™‚

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  2. To My Blogger Connections:

    As you probably know, obtaining Internet onboard a cruise ship can be quite expensive. Therefore, I do not anticipate connecting online for email…from April 17-May 8. I will be back to blog about about this cruise experience sometime during the 2nd week of May. With regards, usfman.

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  3. Travel, is a great way to get inspired and gives you awesome pieces to blog about. Uggh, I struggle with working 40hour weeks and don’t consider travel until I save enough vacation time at work. For a travel piece I did do though, check out my Road Trip to Eureka It was a fun and exciting time with a trucker friend of mine. Great shots with your camera I enjoy the scenery…

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  4. I really enjoy your blog, and I look forward to reading the posts that are to come. I do have a small critique, I think adding a link to the home page would be a great addition to the sidebar, because navigating through your blog would be more seamless if the reader could easily get back to the main page. I would love to hear your feedback to my blog as well because I find it to be very helpful.


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