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Contrary to popular belief, many U.S. citizens are still traveling to the mysterious island of Cuba. This is a comprehensive guide by Anthony Polanco for understanding the restrictions on traveling to Cuba. It follows the Obama Administration’s historical re-opening of flights to Cuba, to the current Administration’s policies on U.S. Cuba relations. This is also an in-depth guide to understanding how to book accommodations, flights, transportation, and understanding how WiFi works in Cuba. You will learn how to travel to Cuba the right way. If you ever dream of visiting the mysterious country of Cuba, this eBook is a must read for you!


Ever wanted to travel internationally with your family but thought it was impossible? 🗺Check out the latest eBook “MVP Airport Hacks” by Madelin Vasquez Polanco. This eBook reveals all the travel hacks from getting through airport security stress-free to secret in flight hacks that you were never told.


Check out our eBook “How to Travel for Dirt Cheap” by Hugo Morel for ways to make your dreams of traveling come true without breaking the bank.