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Frozen lake and a bison buger

We just got invited to go to clear lake, Manitoba. We were excited to see the northern lights. Which was one of the reasons why we wanted to go to Canada. After about an hour and a half drive, we arrived at Clear lake.

Clear lake is a very small town with a population a little over 2,000 people. Majority of the people that have property here, tend to come during vacations/summer. The place feels like a great community to raise a family. Never met such wonderful and down to earth people.

As we drove deeper into this small community, we saw the frozen lake. This was the first time in my life to see a lake completely frozen. Being able to walk on the lake was mindblowing.


The lake had at least a foot and a half of ice covering it. I jumped a few times to see, if it was real. Luckily, it was.
One of our friends, who is a local, informed me about quinzees. A quinzee is a shelter made of out snow that is hallowed out. They are actually very warm. They were made from the indigenous people of Manitoba to survive the winters.

Since coming to clear lake, people kept telling me about this creation called the bison burger. I was really interested by this. The locals kept telling me it was very similar to beef. I had to try it for myself.
We finally found the place were they serve bison. To my surprise, it really did taste like beef. Bison is actually more healthier than beef. Makes you wonder, why beef is more common than bison. Probably, money is the root. Sadly, we did not see the northen lights as a group. I saw the northern lights at my host’s house, later that night.
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Checking Out Little Haiti

Little Haiti, a place of real culture and down to earth people. Going to Little Haiti was a very eventful time in my life. I made friendships that would open many doors and eventually this blog.


Little Haiti Cultural Center, Hugo Morel

Going to Little Haiti, I do recommend going by car. Public transportation to Little Haiti is not always the best. Once you are there, most of the corner stores are Haitian owned. Make  sure to check them out, when you get the chance. You can get a lot of Haitian products from fruits to candy bars.


Haitian Flag street art, Hugo Morel

While in Little Haiti, you must eat at a local restaurant. No fast-food or Mcdonald’s! Eating from those types of restaurants, will ruin your experience in this cultural paradise. If you want some real cultural food, always ask the locals.


A nice family owned restaurant,Hugo Morel

After asking around, I was told about a restaurant called The New Piman Bouk restaurant. It was a great place to go. It gives you the feels of being in Haiti. The restaurant is owned by a Haitian-American family. This is authentic as it gets for Haitian Creole food in America. One plate of food can feed two people. It is a great place for food at a great price.

Little Haiti has many cultural activities. While in Little Haiti, make sure to check out the Cultural Center. The Cultural Center has many events throughout the year. From movies to social groups, Little Haiti’s Cultural Center is place to visit for anybody looking to experience the local culture.


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A walk through Little Havana

Little Havana, the soul of Miami’s Cuban culture. Where you can find questionably legal Cuban cigars and Cuban flags on almost every block. Little Havana was a blast to visit. My friends just arrived to Miami and we were in for a treat.


Street Art on Calle Ocho of Latin America , Hugo Morel

Memorial day weekend in Miami is very hectic. When traveling to Miami, try to avoid this weekend. You will not be able to fully experience the city because of the bumper to bumper traffic. Luckily for us, Little Havana and Little Haiti were unaffected.


Cuban and American Flags, Hugo Morel

After finally meeting up with friends, we tour little Havana. Little Havana has many choices of Cuban restaurants. For more authentic Cuban, the best restaurants are on Calle Ocho (8th street). Most restaurants would serve you a huge platter of food for about ten dollars. Some are buffet style, if you want to pig out or want the most bang for your buck, these are the best spots. The only problem with buffet style restaurants, there is a lost of authenticity to the food.

Something you must do in Little Havana is to walk down Calle Ocho. Walking down Calle Ocho, you get to see more of the Cuban culture. From the Cuban movie theaters to the Cuban liquor. On Calle Ocho, there is a Latin Walk of Fame. Similar to Hollywood’s, The Latin Walk of Fame honors Latinos of celebrity status.  This is why, Miami is called, “The Capital of Latin America.”


The Latino Walk of Fame, Hugo Morel

The deeper you go along Calle Ocho, the more influences of Latin America you will encounter. Although, Little Havana will always have Cuban roots, many Latinos from all over have moved in.  Specifically, many Central Americans have made Little Havana their home. Little Havana will most likely forever be a center for the Latino community in Miami.


My Mojito(a cocktail with origins in Havana,Cuba) Hugo Morel

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