My last day in the land of reggae

My time in Jamaica was coming to an end. My friends left to go back home and I was there alone. In the land of beautiful smiles and joyful people.

I decided to walk around and I found the emancipation park. This park was made in memory to the end of slavery in Jamaica. The history and the importance of the park is shown in the local culture. This park is usually the center of many events.

The park had a nice and relax feeling to it. It was just super hot that day. I can’t tell you how much I was sweating. It wasn’t the best choice for me to wear pants. Learn from my mistakes people, wear shorts in Jamaica!

Just between you all and me, I really was fighting myself from not jumping into that pool of water. I knew that could spark an intentional incident.

My final advice when visiting Kingston, make sure to check out Devon’s house. There is a lot of historical importance tied to that house. It was once the home of Jamaica’s first black billionaire. Also, I’m sure you seen in it a few music videos or movies. On top of everything, there is a shop there that sells rum ice cream!!

Oh my days in Jamaica have came to an end. I really miss waking up to this view.

(All photos were taken by Hugo Morel)

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Checking Out Little Haiti

Little Haiti, a place of real culture and down to earth people. Going to Little Haiti was a very eventful time in my life. I made friendships that would open many doors and eventually this blog.


Little Haiti Cultural Center, Hugo Morel

Going to Little Haiti, I do recommend going by car. Public transportation to Little Haiti is not always the best. Once you are there, most of the corner stores are Haitian owned. Make  sure to check them out, when you get the chance. You can get a lot of Haitian products from fruits to candy bars.


Haitian Flag street art, Hugo Morel

While in Little Haiti, you must eat at a local restaurant. No fast-food or Mcdonald’s! Eating from those types of restaurants, will ruin your experience in this cultural paradise. If you want some real cultural food, always ask the locals.


A nice family owned restaurant,Hugo Morel

After asking around, I was told about a restaurant called The New Piman Bouk restaurant. It was a great place to go. It gives you the feels of being in Haiti. The restaurant is owned by a Haitian-American family. This is authentic as it gets for Haitian Creole food in America. One plate of food can feed two people. It is a great place for food at a great price.

Little Haiti has many cultural activities. While in Little Haiti, make sure to check out the Cultural Center. The Cultural Center has many events throughout the year. From movies to social groups, Little Haiti’s Cultural Center is place to visit for anybody looking to experience the local culture.


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In the Caribbean of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic part 1

It’s October 30, 2013 and I rush to the John F. Kennedy International Airport. I arrive at the departure gate with less than 30 minutes before the plane is scheduled to departure (the pressure is on). I meet with the an flight assistant and she jumps to action. Drained from an intense day of work, I take a deep breath and we both take off.

The assistant and I run and she allows me to skip the entire of people at the security gate. She gives me clearance and I suddenly hear the final boarding call for the flight. She yells, “rover”, and I catch the airport shuttle. We speed to reach the terminal gate ( like an Afro-Latino Speed Racer). I arrive at the last minute and barely catch the flight. I find my seat and I review my first publication.

As I prepare to travel to el Aeropuerto Internacional de las Américas (the airport of the Americas), I realize that I manifested my goals into reality. These are the moments that all the stress, frustration and dedication pays off. I fall asleep with my headphones jamming Brazilian hip hop.


Photo courtesy of Google


Hours later I arrive in el Aeropuerto Internacional de las Américas in Santo Domingo at 12:30 am excited and ready to release my first publication. I convert my dollars to Dominican pesos and I catch a taxi to La Zona Colonial. We cruise through the highway and I am engulfed in the Caribbean city that reminds me a lot of Tocumen, Panama. I arrive at the El Beaterio Hotel at Numero 8, Calle Duarte and my body tingles with excitement (and fatigue) as I am in still in disbelief that I have arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Flag

Photo courtesy of Tony Polanco

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